How to post parent contact log in Jcampus?

2019-07-24 20:55

The Parent Contact Log is a place to record parent/guardian contacts.

The Parent Contact Log shows parent/guardian contact information from several locations:

  • Discipline referral contact actions from the Refpg2 and Admin screens are automatically displayed in the Parent Contact Log.
  • SBLC entries can be viewed only by staff with proper security.
  • Additionally, Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators can enter contact information in the Parent Contact Log from the Student Master tab and also viewed from the iGear.
  • Caution: Since professional school staff (administrative personnel, counselors and only the teacher that created it) can see this information, please remember to be careful in the nature of information entered here. Confidential, sensitive information should not be entered in the Parent Contact Log.


Getting Started

For Office and District Staff Users: From Student Master, Post Discipline, SBLC, Post Attendance, or any other module that shows the "Gear" icon:

  1. Click the "Gear" iconIGear.png on the screen.
  2. On the popup gray menu, choose Communication, then Parent Contact Log.

For Teachers: From a roster of students in WebGradeBook:

  1. Highlight a student on the roster.
  2. Click the "Gear" iconIGear.png in the menu bar across the top..
  3. On the popup gray menu, choose Communication, then Parent Contact Log.


Entering Parent Contact Log Information

SM parent contact log.PNG
  1. Click the New button on the Parent Contact Log screen to start a new entry.
  2. Select the Contact Type.
  3. Select the Contact Date.
  4. Select the Contact Relation.
  5. Enter any details in the Log Recording section.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Select Show JCall Messages to show all messages.
  8. Show all Years check box--if checked then all log entries from current and previous years will be included. Leave it unchecked to limit log entries to the current year only.
  9. Contact Time - denotes the time the record was created by user.
  10. If the user wishes to edit a record created by his/her self, click on the row, change the information, then click Save.
    • Note: Can only be edited by the user who created the record.
  11. If the user wishes to delete a record, there is a red Delete cell on the far right.
    • Note: Can only be deleted by the user who created the record.
  12. Print allows the user to print the contact records for the student.
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