How do I create a GROUP in GMail?

2019-07-24 18:15

Open Gmail.

Click the 9 gray squares in the right hand corner.

Scroll until you see CONTACTS, click CONTACTS.

Scroll down the left menu in contacts until you see "CREATE LABEL," and click it.

Type the name of the new GROUP and click SAVE

Now look in the list of contacts and choose one person you want to add to your new group. Click that person's name.

A box will appear with their information and you'll see three vertical dots to the right of the name. Click the dots.

Scroll down through the labels and click on the label you wish to add the person.

The person is now added to the GROUP. You'll also notice in that left hand menu of LABELS/GROUPS a number to the right of the name that indicates the number of contacts in the GROUP.


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