How can I create canned responses in Google mail?

2018-08-02 16:23

Click the GEAR

Choose Settings

Click the Advanced Tab

Look for Canned Response (Templates)

Click Enable

Save Changes


To Pre-Write a CANNED RESPONSE (write it before you need to use it):

Click Compose

Enter the subject

Type the message

Click the three dots at the bottom right of the work space

Choose Canned Response


it will name it the same as the subject line

Click OK

"X"  out of the email if you were creating a canned response in advance of using it.

Click SEND if you were creating a canned response as a response to an email and you are responding now.

In the future, when you wish to use a saved canned response, click reply to an email, click the dots at the bottom of the work space, choose CANNED RESPONSE, and choose the one you wish to use at the time.  Click SEND.

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